International Academic Mobility
Academic mobility gives you the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the labor market and open the door to a world of endless opportunities for international and intercultural relations.

The predominant way of implementing academic mobility of students of the University is to send them to partner universities for:
training in the framework of joint programs "two diplomas" (degrees);
included training within the framework of interuniversity cooperation (without the issuance of a second diploma), including within the framework of academic exchange programs; internship (including language);
passing educational (research, industrial) practice;
participation in summer schools.

Requirements for participation in international programs:
High level of academic performance (average score from 4.3)
Confirmed knowledge of a foreign language (personal interview or IELTS / TOEFl for some programs)

Where to begin ?:
Fill in and bring to the office. 3245 applications for participation in international programs.

Documents required for issuing an order on the departure of ETU students abroad under academic mobility programs
Technical task.
The individual curriculum with matching visas of the head of the department and the dean of the faculty (for undergraduate and graduate students) is stored in the dean's office of the student / graduate student's faculty.
A copy of the invitation from the receiving party indicating the length of stay abroad (certified translation, if the invitation is in a foreign language).
Upon returning within three days, the student fills out a return report.
International Academic Mobility Office
We solve all emerging issues related to the academic mobility of our students
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Head of the Department of International Academic Mobility

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Valeriya Konyaeva
Incoming Coordinator

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Natalia Pyatkina
Outgoing Coordinator

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