International Support
Anastasia Minina
Vice-rector for international affairs
As one of the leaders of Russia's tertiary education, ETU "LETI" is focused on international outlook in academic cooperation, research and joint projects.

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, coordinates university international services and offices responsible for implementing LETI global activities, fostering international academic and research projects, as well as enhancing the University's worldwide promotion.

International offices and services are focused on
  • international educational activities;
  • cooperation with partner universities;
  • assisting potential applicants from every part of the world to apply to the University;
  • supporting international students currently enrolled at LETI, ensuring their comfort, safety and efficient studies.
International Students Office
International Students Office is intended to support LETI international students since their first contact with the University, throughout their studies and after graduation.

Among the Office's main areas of work are:
  • enrolling international prospective students to ETU LETI;
  • supporting international students throughout their studies;
  • helping international students to smoothly integrate into Russian educational system
  • promoting ETU "LETI" educational programs on the international education market;
  • provide visa and documents' support to international students
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Preparatory Department
Preparatory Department focuses on organizing and coordinating educational programs aimed at preparing international prospective students for their future studies at ETU LETI or other Russia's Universities.

Among the Department's main areas of work are:
  • enrolling international prospective students to preparatory programs
  • organizing supplementary educational programs - summer and winter schools
  • supporting and organising educational process for preparatory program studies
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International Academic Mobility Office
International Academic Mobility Office IEPD facilitates is responsible for the international education activities with partner universities, exchange programs and international research groups for foreign students and scholars as well as outward mobility activities for Russian students.

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