Rules for Accommodation at the Dormitory

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ETU "LETI" has established a special procedure for accommodation in the dormitories of students arriving at the university:
International students, who have arrived for studies from another countries, are allowed to start offline studies only in the presence of a medical document (in Russian or English) confirming the negative covid test result by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, selected not earlier than three calendar days before arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation, and negative covid test results by the PCR method, carried out within three calendar days after the date of arrival in the territory of the Russian Federation. Until the results of laboratory tests for covid are obtained after arrival in the Russian Federation, the self-isolation regime is observed.

  • Please kindly inform us in advance about the date and time of you arrival by phone +7(812)2343553 or via email: You can find out any questions about the accommodation of English-speaking citizens via these phone or email as well.
  • You can find out how to reach dormitory here.
  • On the first working day after your arrival, you need to make registartion at the dormitory. If your visa expires in 45 days or earlier, you also need to apply for a visa extension. If you are living at the dormitory, registration is made by the University. If you are living at a private address, you need to make registration by yourself. Please do not forget to send the copy of it via email, when you get it. Student visa is prolonged by the University in any case. Please contact the International Student Office to agree on the way of transferring your documents to the Office of Visa and Registration, while you have self-isolation regime at the dormitory. For the registration copies of all significant pages of the passport are needed, documents for a visa prolongation you can find here.
  • If you are living t a private address, you need to undergo self-isolation and make second examination for COVID-19 in three days after your arrival as well. Isolation in this case takes place at the address where you live.