International Masters' Programs

ETU LETI offers International Master's programs delivered fully in English and focused on cutting edge scientific areas: Computer science, Photonics, Automation and Electrical engineering.
Most of these programs are designed with the world's renowned researchers from the leading universities and provide the practical hands-on experience in the related fields.

International International Master's programs offer
  • An exciting experience of living and studying in the international environment of the campus in the very center of St. Petersburg, the most European Russian city
  • Learning from the best professionals in the field
  • Individual learning tracks
  • The best practices, newest technologies and future opportunities
Feedback from our students
Avan Ali Mert (Turkey)
Master of 1 course, English-language master's program 12.04.04 "Systems and Technologies in Digital Healthcare (in the field of Biomedical Engineering)"
When choosing a university, how the university communicates its information and tells about itself plays an important role. And, of course, good specialists work at LETI. They are very professional, they found a common language with me.
Yang Xin (China)
1st year master, program 11.04.01 "Radio Engineering"
There are many foreign students at LETI, and everyone is very friendly. LETI is international, historical and friendly.

LETI is a good university, St. Petersburg is a good city, I am very happy to study and live here.
Ahmed Elsayed Mohamed Soliman Berber (Egypt)
Graduate, English-language master's program 12.04.04 "Bioengineering Systems and Technologies for Prosthetics and Rehabilitation"
I chose LETI because it participates in the TOP-100 program. This is a government program for universities. It assumes that 15 Russian universities will be able to get into the ranking of the top 100 universities in the world. In addition, this university has potential. He suits me and will help me grow. I want to do science. I also believe in this country and believe that it can be the best in the world.
ETU "LETI" has long-standing contacts in the field of education and scientific and technical cooperation with universities, research institutes and enterprises in 35 countries of the world.

Teachers and scientists of our university cooperate with colleagues from Austria and Germany, France and Great Britain, USA and Canada, Italy and Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Japan, South Korea and other countries.