R&D Masters' programs
R&D (Research and Development) Masters' Programs
R&D (Research and Development) Masters' Programs are focused on problem-based learning based on practical scientific and industrial challenges and tasks.

Each program is based on workshops customised according to these tasks and students' individual research goals.
At the beginning of the studies each student gets a research advisor assigned to coordinate and navigate ones' study process . Research supervisor develops a strategic goal, individual research task, roadmap and individual learning track for each student. Individual learning tracks mostly include workshops - practical studies based on finding solution for research tasks and case-studies in discussion involving students and a teacher. Workshops allow students' to work in interdisciplinary teams guided by the teacher and choose their own methods and techniques to find the best solution for the tasks.

R&D Masters' Programs offer:
  • workshops for problem-based learning
  • individual learning tracks developed by research advisor basing on student's targets and needs
  • focus on developing students' creative, analytical skills, ability to choose research methods and techniques
  • practical studies in laboratories
  • including students's participation in scientific conferences, research articles and papers in individual learning tracks
  • project-based learning both individually and in teams